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Just that Henry Morton of Milnwood is out wi the rebels, and ane o their chief leaders sec toys

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It is a falsehood! said Edith a most base calumny! and you are very bold to dare to repeat it to me. Henry Morton is incapable of such treachery to his king and country such cruelty to me to to all the innocent and defenceless victims, I mean, who must suffer in a civil war I tell you he is utterly incapable of it, in every sense ses toys


Dear! dear! Miss Edith, replied Jenny, still constant to her text, they maun be better acquainted wi young men than I am, or ever wish to be, that can tell preceesely what theyre capable or no capable o. But there has been Trooper Tam, and another chield, out in bonnets and grey plaids, like countrymen, to recon reconnoitre I think John Gudyill cad it; and they hae been amang the rebels, and brought back word that they had seen young Milnwood mounted on ane o the dragoon horses that was taen at Loudon-hill, armed wi swords and pistols, like wha but him, and hand and glove wi the foremost o them, and dreeling and commanding the men; and Cuddie at the heels o him, in ane o Sergeant Bothwells laced waistcoats, and a cockit hat with a bab o blue ribbands at it for the auld cause o the Covenant, (but Cuddie aye liked a blue ribband,) and a ruffled sark, like ony lord o the land it sets the like o him, indeed! masterbation toys

Jenny, said her young mistress hastily, it is impossible these mens report can be true; my uncle has heard nothing of it at this instant

Because Tam Halliday, answered the handmaiden, came in just five minutes after Lord Evandale; and when he heard his lordship was in the Castle, he swore (the profane loon!) he would be d d ere he would make the report, as he cad it, of his news to Major Bellenden, since there was an officer of his ain regiment in the garrison. Sae he wad have said naething till Lord Evandale wakened the next morning; only he tauld me about it, (here Jenny looked a little down,) just to vex me about Cuddie

Poh, you silly girl, said Edith, assuming some courage, it is all a trick of that fellow to teaze you

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